Duration and Maintenance


The useful life of an hinchable depends on the use and the treatment.

The inflatable should be kept completely clean and dry and must be monitored to prevent damage by wind                      blows.

The inflatable helium may not fly certain days and will seek an area big enough not to hit any object.



Height flight

The flying height more suitable for inflatable captives is 25 meters because its the area with better stability and vision.

Characteristics of Helium

- Non flammable

- Ecological

- Non-toxic

- Odorless

Helium is an inert gas within the considered noble gases.

The tethered inflatables lose around 2-3% weekly of the content, being necessary smalls recharges.


Depending on the type of product and design (20-30 days)

Place an order

- Request budget according to product, measures and design.

- Approve the design of the product, a simulation is sent.

- Send the fiscal data to prepare the proforma invoice.

- Pay 50% of the amount of the proforma invoice to proceed with its manufacture.

- Once the product is finished, a photo will be sent to the client.

- Pay the pending 50%.

- You will receive the order in 24/48 hours by courier at your destination.


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