On last month of April, Publi-zeppelines produced an aerial photography system and a helium blimp for the company Prest Air Thermographic Services, SL A high-performance infrared camera installed in the carbon fiber bracket allows to take aerial thermographic imaging.
Carbon fiber bracket for aerial imaging with infrared camera
Prest STA, based in Euskadi, offers infrared thermography, a technique that allows remote and without any contact, measure and display accurate surface temperatures and a thermal imager that produces a visible image of the infrared spectrum, invisible to the human eye.

Mounting the imager in the support for aerial photography and with the help of a helium balloon, Prest STA can take infrared aerial images through which it can detect defects in insulation in the roof or facade of a building, defective cells in a dish solar, faulty power lines and transformer stations. And thanks to thermal imaging can detect outbreaks of fire in fighting against fire and carrying out surveillance, search and rescue, and other multiple applications in industrial processes to help in the detection of mechanical and electrical failures.

With the help of our universal camera system, allowing installation either of a conventional photography camera or, as in this case, the imager, Prest STA also offers conventional aerial photography, using for it, as well, the helium balloon.

We would like to thank to Xabier and Ibón for entrusting us the production of their equipment for aerial photography.
Helium blimp for aerial photography
Aerial photography - Solar dishes
Aerial photography with infrared camera
Aerial infrared photography from a helium balloon
"Desarrollo de pantallas de leds flexibles"