The State Company of Cultural Commemorations SECC with the collaboration of the Benefit society Foundation ' La Caixa ' and of the Autonomous Communities that form a part of the Consejo Jacobeo, they have designed the Program of activities for the Year Xacobeo 2010.
Inside the cycle of activities in which the art, the literature, the music and the theatre will be central elements, one finds the project ' The Clouds of the Memory '. The idea, created by the artist Eugenio Ampudia http: // will lead to 7 helium inflatable clouds transported by pilgrims towards Santiago de Compostela.

After Ampudia ' the clouds are not only forms. They take inside the look of the man. In its continuos being made and fall apart, mutating and being reborn, they transport dreams, imaginations and recollections. Someone, at some time and in some place, raised the sight towards the sky of clouds and
It chose one where to leave his vision. A cloud has memory. An absolute memory formed by his inexhaustible aptitude to model itself with the imagination of the one who contemplates it. An alone cloud contains all the images. The clouds transport information and they transform it while they travel. Of that cloud, which on having gone took to itself the image of our thought, it remains this other one which gathers yours (thoughts)'.
The inflatable Clouds of the memory were presented last Tuesday, the 22nd of June in the Museum Reuna Sofia. Later, the balloons initiated his gait to each of the centers of art and spaces in which Ars Itineris shows the pieces of the exhibition: the trip in the Contemporary Art.

On July the 11th the first cloud will begin his trip from the Museum of Navarre towards Santiago de Compostela to where it will be transported, afoot, by different pilgrims during each of the stages. In the rests of every stage of the way the cloud balloons will be hung on one lodging or in a space of the locality with the aim that the public could see, projected on the inflatable, the different images that this one has been recording in his tour joined those that the pilgrims or the visitors of the different exhibitions have wanted
To include in the pendrives. The projection will be accompanied by an audio composed for the occasion by Juan Manuel Artero.

A process begins this way along the route that will assemble up to 7 clouds, each one proceeding from a center of art, which they will assemble in the square of the Quintana of Santiago de Compostela on July 22. Once in Santiago de Compostela, an audio-visual spectacle will be organized.
That will project on these and Quintana's square all the images and videoes gathered during the Way.

From here we want to be grateful to the SECC and to Eugenio Ampudia for the confidence deposited in us http: // for the production of the inflatable clouds of helium. We do not want to forget either of Domingo, from the company Scnik, S.A, whose help has been inestimable.

We want to share the photographies of these inflatable balloons with you in order to get your opinion.
"Desarrollo de pantallas de leds flexibles"