Publizeppelines is always thinking about new ideas and new products to catch the customer´s attention.

These backpack balloons are very useful in outdoor advertising events or promotions.


Don´t forget it, we are manufacturers so we can customized your backpack balloon if you prefer a special design, shape or size.

Every complete Set of BackPack Balloon includes

- Backpack and rod to hold the balloon

- 1 meter inflatable balloon made in polyurethane and decorated on two sides

- Transportation bag

- Leds Light System, 12 v battery and charger

- Electric inflator (optional)


Easy and simple installation

- Fill up the balloon with air

- Insert the rod in the backpack.

- Take the backpack on and start your promotion.


Everybody will look at your brand!!!



Delivery time: 20 days 

Payment: 50% in advance, 50% previous to shipment

"Desarrollo de pantallas de leds flexibles"