Publi-Zeppelins: Advertising, balloon with helium, spheres, balloons, aerial photographs


We are manufacturers of all types of advertising inflatables with or without motor, depending on where you are going to use it and the use you want to give it. Our more than 15 years of experience manufacturing inflatables allows us to advise you on which product is best for each occasion.

Our inflatables can attract attention from miles away, as in the case of helium spheres or zeppelins, or mark a point of reference and facilitate their location at trade fairs, events, promotions, shopping centres, petrol stations, commercial premises, ...

We also have a wide range of products for use in streetmarketing actions that will guarantee you a sure success. We make inflatables of any shape and size: bottles, cans, mascots, logos, ... Don't hesitate and give an original touch to your project.

Call us, knowing the type of event you are going to do we can advise you more easily.